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Windows - Window and Door Replacement

Fog Out Window Solutions provides top-quality, maintenance-free windows that provide an excellent barrier against the elements. We offer an expansive selection of styles that are available framed in vinyl (PVC), aluminum clad, or a hybrid of both. Our windows are custom built by hand, guarantying a perfect fit for your home and lifestyle at affordable prices.


A casement window is a narrow rectangular window that opens by cranking a handle. It can open either left or right and offers controlled airflow depending on the angle of the opening. Casement windows offer superiority based on ease of operation, convenience and energy efficiency.



An awning window is similar to a casement window in that it opens by cranking a handle that pushes the bottom of the sash out, opening the window from the bottom out. For increased ventilation, awning windows can be placed above or below other windows.



A picture window has a large area of glass within the single frame that does not open, providing an unobstructed view of the outside, much like a picture frame on a piece of art. A solution for showcasing the beautiful outside view is to place picture windows anywhere the home owner desires.


Single Hung

A single hung window contains two sashes, one fixed and the other that moves up and down providing a vertical opening. This type of window can tilt into the room making cleaning fast and simple.


Double Hung

A double-hung window has two sashes that are vertically mobile, providing a top and/or bottom opening. Both sashes can tilt inward for easy cleaning. Double hung windows do not offer greater open space than single hung windows, however there is greater options for air flow and the easiest to clean.


Single Slider

A single slider window provides a horizontal (side to side) opening. One sash is fixed; the other one moves sideways and can be lifted out for cleaning.


Single Tilt Slider

The single tilt slider operates the same way as the single slider with the addition of a screen that covers half the window and a tilting option for ease of cleaning. Single tilt slider windows are appropriate for smaller rooms or placed at the side of homes.


Double Tilt Slider

A double tilt slider window contains two sashes that move sideways and can tilt inward for easy cleaning, as well as a screen that covers the entire glass area.
The double tilt slider windows allow the home owner to control the ventilation in your home by having the option of opening one or both sashes.


Bay Windows

Bay windows are composed of three windows, usually a large fixed centre window and two side casement windows. The angular shape extends beyond the wall of the home. Bay windows are usually placed in the front or back of a house adding a dramatic accent and contour to the home.


Bow Windows

Bow windows are composed of four or more windows arranged in a semi circular shape what protrudes from the wall of the home. A typical arrangement would include two large stationary centre windows and two side casement windows. The main difference to a Bay window is the smoother curve of the protrusion from the home. Bow windows are designed to create space and increase the natural sunlight in the room.


Custom Shapes

Dare to be different. We offer an expansive array of specialty shapes that will add distinction and value to your home. Custom shapes can be found above other windows adding a decorative accent to any home.