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How It Works? - Window Repair

Can all windows be repaired?

No! – Don’t be fooled by other companies telling you that they can repair all windows with “proper sealing”.
Some windows cannot be repaired, due to major seal delaminations and/or moisture damage that has etched and stained the inside of the glass permanently.

In cases like these, replacement glass or windows is the best option. Some people may be tempted to just leave damaged and un-repairable windows as they are. This can potentially lead further to major damage to the windows, framing below, and surrounding walls, etc.

How we repair (de-fog) the window:

1. On the outside of the glass, we drill two tiny holes about the size of a nail (3mm). One in the bottom and one in the adjacent top.
2. Next, we use a cleaning solution that is sprayed inside to clean the unit.
3. Then, we spray in a drying agent to help evaporate and dry out the moisture.
4. The outside of the window is cleaned and vents are installed overtop of the holes to allow the remaining moisture to dry and vent itself out.
5. The outside of the window is caulked if needed.


What to expect once the repair is done:

1. The window will start drying immediately and look very good at first.
2. In some cases the window will dry up within a day or so, but in most cases the fog/moisture will take some time drying.
3. Fogging may re-appear, as all the moisture is being evaporated and expelled through the defogger vents.
4. This drying process can take as short as a few days, but normally takes a few weeks to completely dry.
5. We give a 10 year warranty that the window will stay fog free.
6. If after 12 weeks there is moisture still in your window and we can’t keep the moisture out, we will give you a complete refund or you can apply the cost of the repair towards a new sealed unit or a replacement window.

Recommendations for the home owner:

1. Maintain caulking and painting to extend the life of the window. If your window needs paint, and caulking, do it.
2. Avoid pressure washing any of your windows directly. This will prevent forcing moisture in other windows causing them to fog.
3. When cleaning your windows, use a brush and squeegee and clean around the defogger vents.
4. Keep humidity levels inside at recommended levels.