A Few Things to Consider When Upgrading Your Windows

Posted on July 15, 2013 · Posted in Blog

Below are a few things to consider when upgrading your windows. Upgrading your windows is not only about the look of the frames. As you will see, there are a lot more things to think about.


When friends come to visit, or if somebody comes to view your property; the front of you house is the first thing they will see as they approach. There is an old adage about “First Impressions”, and it still holds true today. A large area of your home is taken up with window space; though much of it is glass, and therefore transparent, the frames will have a large impact on the overall look of the property. It is possible to select from a huge range of styles;so much so that sometimes it is difficult to choose. You can go from the more rustic traditional styles through to the ultra-modern minimalistic styles of today.No matter which windows you decide are best, they will give your house a new, fresh look that will impress others as much as yourself. Sometimes after fitting new windows it can feel like you are in a new home.


It is possible to purchase your widow fames in a large range of materials. You can choose from traditional wood frames, the more modern plastic type, or even metal. Whichever you decide upon make sure that you have considered their function,and expense, as well as their look. A little advice off a window installer will pay dividends here, as your particular circumstances will tend to dictate the choice of material for the frames. It is also worth considering the glass itself, as there is also a wide range here. You can choose form strengthened glass, decorative glass, and thermal glass, to name a few choices. Again it is agood idea to ask for some advice; as this can be quite a specialized field.

Energy Efficiency

It is very possible that if you have old windows in your property; they could be costing you a considerable amount of money. Heat loss through windows is a major factor in your energy consumption. As heat escapes through the gaps in old window frames; the cold air enters. Fitting double glazed units means less heat loss through the glass itself, which is also important. Your window upgrade choice should consider both of these as a priority. The installation of new windows can vastly improve the energy efficiency of your property, and could possibly save you a considerable amount in fuel bills. It is also possible to achieve this energy efficiency without the purchase of new units. This may lead you to consider some window repairs instead.

The above considerations refer to new windows, not their repair. It is also worthwhile considering the fact that old frames can be upgraded, sealed, and refreshed; glass itself can be replaced with more efficient sealed units, and hardware can be repaired or renewed.This option is usually not as expensive as buying new windows and many people prefer this. Whichever you decide upon, take your time and take some professional advice.