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Why Windows Fail and What Can be Done to Repair Them

Window failures can be attributed to harsh winter conditions, temperature fluctuations, humidity, and poorly manufactured windows. The cooling and heating action created by the sun, throughout the day, produces moisture or a fogging appearance in the window.

The moisture or fog may be continually visible or may disappear and reappear when the temperature outside changes. Imagine your thermal pane window as a greenhouse, but instead of the walls being 10 feet apart they are less than an inch apart. The air inside the two panes of glass heats up drastically, causing a change in air pressure. This change in pressure causes water droplets to form. The water droplets then begin to evaporate and a vapor of fog is visible between the window panes.

Fog-Out will reverse years of moisture build up in your window. The success of Fog-Out’s process involves the installation of a micro defogger vent. When natural sunlight increases the air pressure within the window the defogger vent will allow the moisture to escape. Under this pressure the water droplets, within the window, evaporate and are expelled through the defogger vent, drying out the window. When the installation process is completed the windows visibility and original R-value are restored (*).  Our Fog-Out repair process is guaranteed with a 10 year, 100% money back guarantee.

*The process restores the windows R-Value back to its original manufactured condition. (Argon Gas filled windows are manufactured with a slightly higher R -value.)