How To Repair Foggy Double Glazed Windows

Posted on August 29, 2013 · Posted in Blog

If you have double-glazed windows, the glass part of your windows, called the window units, will be made up from two panes of glass filled with argon gas. Depending on the quality of your window frames, this gas can leak over time and your windows will fog up in between the panes as air and moisture gets inside. This presents you with a conundrum; do you repair, replace or upgrade?

Why Do Windows Fog?

As the weather changes and your home is heated and cooled, this process of expanding and contracting creates stress-fractures on the window frames. Over time these fractures will cause the gas to start escaping and this will lower the heat transfer resistance of your windows. Fogging is a sure sign that the valuable gas between the panes has gone.

What Are My Options?

The choice you make will depend upon your budget but there are a huge number of variable factors involved in making the final decision.

1. Upgrade

You could replace your foggy double-glazing with krypton-filled triple pane windows that give you a slight advantage in energy efficiency over double-glazing. These are ruinously expensive and their additional weight can often cause them to wear out their casing or unseat over time.

2. Replace

You could replace your existing units with new dual pane windows with a low-E coating. This is a thin film of transparent metal on the glass that cuts down on the transfer of heat and boosts your dual pane windows’ efficiency close to that of triple pane.

3. Repair

Much of the reason behind why windows leak gas is to do with the quality of the frames and the materials from which the frames are constructed. Replacement windows might not solve all of your problems. For half the cost, consider repairing your existing units.

Why Does Repairing Win-Out?

Many triple-glazing salesmen will do a trick where they hold up a heat lamp and show you how well triple pane window samples block the heat compared with dual pane. Even without underhand tactics such as removing the argon from the dual-pane sample, you’ll feel the heat instantly through the dual pane and not through the triple pane. This trick works because of its brevity; over a longer time frame of just 30 minutes, the difference in heat transfer will be negligible and decent dual pane windows will perform almost as well as triple pane units. Repairing existing dual pane units involves replacing the gas and re-sealing them to an as-new condition.

Will Repairing My Windows Improve Them?

The repair process not only saves you money but it gives you the ideal opportunity to improve your window frames in other ways. Depending on the material that your window frames are made from, the window repair firm who repair the window unit may be able to improve the quality of the seals around the frame. By improving the way that the units fit in the frame, the thermal efficiency of your windows is further increased. Repairs from most reputable firms come with 10-year warranties against parts and defects so you can be assured of a much longer lifespan for your windows.