How To Fix Foggy Double-Glazed Windows

Posted on September 6, 2013 · Posted in Blog

Double-glazed windows have two panes of glass filled with argon. This helps stop the transfer of heat from one side to the other and is great for creating a more comfortable living environment and saving money off your utility bills. When these windows start to fog up or drops of moisture form between the panes they require replacing, repairing or upgrading. While replacing the glass unit for a new one or upgrading it with a very expensive triple-glazed unit are options, this article will look at how the existing damaged unit may be repaired.

What Are Foggy Windows?

If your windows are double glazed, what you may not realize is that they are in fact sealed inside the frame. A rubber and plastic seal stops the argon from escaping and this is why they have such excellent thermal efficiency. When the argon escapes and normal air enters between the two panes of glass, almost all of their thermal advantage over single pane windows is lost. Foggy windows indicate that normal air (containing moistures) has entered between the two sheets of glass.

What Causes Windows To Fog?

This is a much more complex question to answer. We explained above how the seal around the glass is what keeps the argon in between the panes, but how does this break or start to degrade? There are a combination of factors split between three main areas; workmanship, wear and usage. In terms of workmanship, almost all windows are guaranteed for a period of time so if the seal has been compromised due to poor installation, you can claim for it. General wear means that the rubber has degraded over time and started to crack or shrink due to excessive heat or exposure to moisture. Because the rubber must expand and contract as the temperature changes, this process can cause damage such as cracking over time. Usage covers damage to the rubber caused by knocks and bumps when the window is opened and closed.

Will Fixing The Units Work?

It is possible to have the units removed, resealed and replaced for around half the cost of buying replacements. This work is guaranteed for a number of years depending on the firm. Whereas buying brand new units would get you a 10-year guarantee, getting your windows de-fogged comes with a shorter warranty consummate with the lower price. Fixing your windows works but whether it sorts your issue depends on what caused the damage to begin with. For instance, if your frames were installed badly or are too flimsy or of too low-quality to hold the glass units properly, your repaired units will simply be damaged again.

Choose Your Repair Firm With Care

A reputable repair firm will be able to determine what caused your windows to fog and will let you know whether they can help address it. Here are two questions you should ask a firm if you think that repairing your glass units might be a direction you want to go;

• How Long Have Your Been In Business?

An established firm will have the experienced required to address your window issue.

• What Warranty Do You Offer?

A half-price fix might not be good value for money if you only get 2 years warranty compared with a decade or more for replacement.